About Us

Founding Purpose

The development of advanced industry and economy in Japan has brought us the prosperity enjoyed by industrialized nations, and secured our position in the world as an economic giant. As a result, the material well-being of our citizens improved to a point comparable to those of the most developed countries on the globe.
In the 1980s, there was a tidal shift towards the pursuit of health and affluence. The role of medical care took on even greater importance in the face of this trend as well as the fact of an aging society.
The improved standards and safety of medical care today owe much to advances in medical technology which itself is the result of consolidation of modern sciences, whether it be the development of biocompatible materials in the field of artificial organs, extraordinary advances in basic quality of medical equipment and the computerization of various diagnostic and monitoring devices.
One task of the globalization era is to ensure that Japanese medical technology makes its contribution to the front lines of health care throughout the world and helps build a peaceful future for humankind through healthy lives.
Given these circumstances, the founding purpose of our foundation is to invigorate science and technology in Japan through research subsidization, promotion and education, and support for international exchange as they relate to science and technology in the field of life sciences.


To promote science and technology in the field of life science. The mission consists of subsidization, promotion and education, and recognition of exceptional achievements. Specifically, they are as follows:

  • 1)

    R&D subsidy for the field of life science
    - in Japan
    - in developing countries

  • 2)

    Subsidy for holding Japanese domestic academic conferences and other events, as well as co-sponsorship of overseas academic conferences and other events

  • 3)

    Subsidy for the non-profit organizations implementing activities that contribute to enhancing medicine and health in Japan and developing countries

  • 4)

    Reward the researcher with excellent achievements in Japan

  • 5)

    Promotion and education through a life sciences web site for junior high and senior high school students in Japan


April 24, 1987
Basic Fund:
52.8 billion yen (As of March 2023)
Endowing Organization:
TERUMO Corporation
Scale of Operation:
Approx. 544 million yen/ year (2022 results)
The Organization:
It consists of president, vice-president, directors, auditors, councilors, academic committee members, selection committee members and secretariat.