Application Information

FY 2023 Medical Contribution Activity Subsidy(Overseas Contribution)

The TERUMO LIFE SCIENCE FOUNDATION supports the activities of non-profit organizations implementing activities that contribute to enhancing medicine and health in developing countries (hereinafter "overseas").

1. Eligible Activities

Activities aimed at improving the level of medical and health standard overseas

2. Eligible Organizations

Overseas associations, foundations, non-profit organizations, and medical institution that conduct the above activities as public welfare service

3. Subsidy Amount

1 million yen per activity

4. Number of Subsidies

Approx. 15 activities (along with activities in other categories)

5. Application

How to apply:

Fill in the designated application form. The application must be in English.


When an overseas organization applies, it is necessary to provide the contact information of a related organization in Japan.

Materials to be submitted [Required]:

Application form, articles of association, organizational chart, list of officers, the previous fiscal year's business report, the previous fiscal year's financial report.

Materials to be submitted [Optional]:

Pamphlets of organization, guidance of activity, etc.

How to submit:

Send an electronic MS-Word file of the application form (without signature) by e-mail. Other above materials should be sent via postal mail or as electronic files attached to the e-mail.

Application period:

July 1 to September 30, 2023 (JST)

Note: The application shall be 1 application per organization.
The application shall be done by organizations that have not received this subsidy in the previous fiscal year.

6. Selection

Experts of the Selection Committee will examine the level of contribution to improving the standards, the benefits obtained from this activity, its public interest, the appropriateness of the plan, and the Board of Directors will make the final decision.
In cases where evaluations are even and a decision is difficult to come by, the number of past subsidies may be taken into consideration.

7. Notification of acceptance or rejection

Around December, 2023 (A notification will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the application form.)

8. Granting of subsidy

Around January, 2024

9. Obligation to Report

The organization that receives the subsidy must submit an implementation report and financial report by the end of March 2025.
The subsidy period will be terminated upon receipt of the report.

10. Use of Subsidy / Period

The subsidy shall be used for expenses directly required for the activity.
It shall be used from the date of notification in "7. Notification of acceptance or rejection" to the date of submission of the financial report in "9. Obligation to Report".

11. Other

The personal information described in the application form will be used to the extent that our subsidy program is carried out.
Regarding the subsidy target, the name of the corporation and activity theme stated in the application form will be announced on our website.
We will not disclose the details of the selection process.
Submitted application documents will not be returned regardless of acceptance or rejection.
If the recipient of the subsidy falls under any of the following, the subsidy may be requested to cancel or return.
1) When a false offer or report is made
2) When the target activity is canceled
3) When the "9. Obligation to Report" is not performed

Contact information and address to send application

1500 Inokuchi, Nakai-machi, Ashigarakami-gun,
Kanagawa Prefecture, 259-0151 Japan
E-mail: *For inquiries, please contact us by e-mail.